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Door Bell Circuits

3 Tone Gong: Suitable for use as a door bell

12 Volt DC Electronic Door Chime:

Birdie Doorbell Ringer:

Ding Dong Bell:

Doorbell for the Deaf:

Doorbell with Counter:

Remote Doorbell Indicator:

Speaking Doorbell: SpeDoB was designed and built to gain experience with the PIC microcontroller. This doorbell uses a speech recorder integrated circuit (ISD series) to play back 3 pre-recorded "there's someone knocking on the door" messages. It's a very easy and simple project to build, ideal for beginners!

Two Tone Generator: This two-tone generator includes 3 ICs - NE555 Astable Multivibrators. You can vary the duration of each tone by changing the 10k resistor or 100MF capacitor at IC1 or changing resistors and capacitors at IC1/2 for higher or lower tone.

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