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Power Supplies: High Voltage Generators

0 to 300 Volt Adjustable Power Supply: This is a simple circuit that can provide an adjustable voltage source of0 to330 Volts. The supply is short-circuit proof: the current is limited to about100mA.

10 to 30K Volt Flyback Power Supply:

12 Volt Supply for He Ne Laser:

13.5K Volt Power Supply:

25 k Volt Generator Tests Insulation: 06/04/98 EDN-Design Ideas 

4k Volt 5k Volt 2000VAC Power Supply: uses two microwave oven transformers

APD Bias Circuit has Adjustable Output: 05/22/97 EDN-Design Ideas / PDF contains multiple circuits - scroll to find this circuit

Auto Air Purifier H Volt Generator: operates from12V

Bug Zapper #2:

Circuit delivers high voltage swing from lower supplies: 12/12/2002  EDN - Design Ideas /   The need for higher voltage swings in applications such as test-and-measurement instruments is constantly increasing, but the power supplies impose limitations on the operational amplifier rails make the high-voltage need a challenge for designers. How do you deliver high-voltage swings to a load without increasing the voltage levels of the power supplies of the operational amplifier? In other ..

COCKCROFT and WALTON VOLTAGE MULTIPLIERS: Here are some applications of the Cockroft-Walton voltage doubler circuit for generating high voltages from a low voltage AC source. The circuit is quite practical for generating thousands of volts (or more) or just a few volts at high current.

Cockcroft Walton Diode Voltage Multipliers: this document describing some basic voltage multiplier circuit topologies, PDF file

Compact 5 Volt HighCurrent Supply Uses One 1.25MHz Switcher : 09/16/02 Electronic Design - Ideas for Design / Disk drives, ADSL modems, notebook computers, and other data-acquisition circuits require high-current, 5-V power supplies with switching frequencies above 1.1 MHz to avoid interfering with noise-sensitive circuitry. A very simple, compact, and...  

Easy Xenon DC to DC Converters!:

Electronic Air Cleaner H Volt Generator : operates from mains voltage

HeNe Laser Power Supply:

High Power 12  Volt to 300  Volt Inverters for High Repeat Rate Medium Power Strobes: runs on12 V, at up to 6 A, and can fire the tubes at a rate of about 8-10 Times per second.

High Voltage Adjustable Power Supplies: National Semiconductor Application Notes,28-Jun-1996

High Voltage Circuits:

High Voltage Electronic Dazer:

High Voltage Generator for Flash & Geiger Tubes: PDF file

High Voltage Generator: This is a very simple ignition coil driver circuit that can probably be built with stuff from your junk box. Circuit examples work from230-Volt AC and120-Volt AC.

High Voltage High Current Power Supply: lots of power form microwave oven transformer

How Van De Graaff Generators Work: Most of us have seen the device, known as a Van de Graaff generator that makes your hair stand on end. The device looks like a big aluminum ball mounted on a pedestal. Have you ever wondered what this device is, how it works, why it was invented, or how you might build1-yourself?

Ignition Coil / Flyback Transformer Based High Voltage Generators: This page gives my thoughts on how to use a car ignition coil or Flyback transformer as a high voltage generator. The objective is to produce as high a voltage as possible, with as high a power throughput as possible.

Ignition Coil Driver: This circuit takes +12V up to 6A and drives a car ignition coil. Both frequency and drive pulse width are adjustable in this circuit.

Ignition Coil High Voltage Circuit:

Ignition Coil High Voltage Generators:

Jacob's Ladder:

Jacob's Ladders #2:

Kirlian Device Supply:

Low Current, High Voltage Power Supply: Low Current, High Voltage Power Supply

Negative ion Generator:

Regulated Vacuum Tube Power Supply: outputs regulated250-300 VDC

Single Transistor Flyback Driver:

Super Cheap 1500 Volt Power Supply (small Laser Supply):

Tesla Coil / H Volt Generator:

Tesla Power Receiver:

TESLCOIL: This is a very dangerous project so lots of caution must be exercised all components and values are listed and also a little bit of the circuit operation is in there also.

Virtual zener circuit simplifies high voltage interface: 03/20/03  EDN-Design Ideas / This design for a photonic switch needs more than approximately 70V at the cathode of a duo-lateral optical position-sensing device. This voltage gets speedy response at longer wavelengths, such as 980 nm. The circuit uses fast transimpedance amps, "floated" at 70V. Two "virtual-zener" circuits step down the high-voltage signals for subsequent processing in a ground-referred differential-amplif.....

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