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Holiday Circuits

April Fools LEDs
Canary Sound Effect:  Reverse engineered circuit diagram of a commercial Electronic Bird. This one was built into a plastic christmas ornament and runs off a 9V battery. Note that L1 is actually just an audio transformer with an unused secondary winding.  (added 10/04)
Christmas Light Flasher
Christmas Star
Color Organ Light :  This circuit works REALLY well. Notice how it will fire even in complete silence. This provides a sort of automatic gain control.  
Flashing heart:  The Circuit Diagram is shown in Figure 1. It consists of a 4047 low-power monostable/astable multivibrator, IC1, used in the astable mode to provide the timing pulses to control the flash rate of the LEDs. To accomplish the astable mode, pins 4, 5, 6, and 14 are connected to +12VDC and pins 7, 8, 9, and 12 are connected to ground. Pins 1 and 3 are connected to C2 and pins 2 and 3 are connected to potentiometer R9. A fixed value resistor can be used in place of the potentiometer R9, if the flash rate does not need to be adjusted. These three pins make up the R-C timing circuit.
Flickering Fire Light - LED or Bulb flicker shimmer randomly like candle flame or fire :  This may well be the world's only discreet logic circuit to generate truely random output. It makes an excellent candle flicker light for your haloween pumpkin, and looks much more authentic than a shimmer light wherever a good a simulated flame effect is required. I do not gaurantee the accuracy or safety of any information herein. 
Grantronics Projects Christmas Tree:  flashes LEDs mounted to Christmas tree shape PCB, kit from kitsrus.com
Halloween Flashing-eyes Badge:  Two-LEDs act as eyes following the rhythm of music or speech.  3V Battery-operated device suitable for pins or badges. 
Heart of LEDs:  One of the requests we received after publication of the Christmas Star was "can you do different shapes?" Well, with Mother’s Day coming up soon, we thought a heart would be appropriate. Now you can have something different to give to that special Mum or Grandmother. Or you may be able to redeem yourself if you forgot St Valentines Day! Either way, the Heart will certainly last a lot longer than the traditional bunch of flowers!.
How to Make Chase Lights:  This example shows3 track chase lights built from3-Christmas light sets and1-light chaser controller
Illuminate holiday destinations on a World map:
LED Christmas lights
Simple 10 Stage Control Box:  For those of you out there who don't want to dive into computer control of your Christmas display yet, here's a happy medium.  It's a simple circuit that has up to 10 outputs available
Simple scheme saves string-light situation:  12/16/04 - EDN on Components (added 1/05) As you enter the holiday season with strings of ac-line-powered lights hanging everywhere, do you ever wonder how bulb vendors overcame the frustrating problem of having an entire string go dark when just one of th
Simple tester checks Christmas-tree lights:  12/16/04 - EDN on Components (added 1/05) 1Why is it that you always test 48 bulbs before you find the bad one in a 50-light string? This simple circuit allows you to divide and conquer, greatly reducing the time it takes to find the bad bulb.
Xmas Light Flasher:

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