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Joystick Circuits

Adding Second joystick to PC joystick Interface:

Build your own joysticks:

Connect other Circuits to PC joystick Port:

Convert Ataristyle joystick to PC joystick Port:

Fake Joystick Circuit: This simple circuit can be used to make the computer to think that there is a real joystick connected to joystick port. This adapter might be useful in some special computer testing applications when you dont have real joystick available.  ASCII drawing. 


Joystick Interfaces: analogue interfaces for joysticks for motor controllers

Joystick Port As General Purpose Input:

Schematic of a Standard PC Joystick:

Soundcard joystick Port Problem Solver:

The Wire Between MultiIO Card and joystick Connector:

Use PC joystick Port to Measure temperature and Light Levels:

Using the joystick Port As General Purpose input:

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