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Flasher & Blinkers / Light Flashing Circuits

1.3 Volt IC Flasher, Oscillator, Trigger or Alarm: National Semiconductor Application Notes,04-Nov-1995

1.5 Volt LED Flashers #1: four circuits with description

10 Channel LED Sequencer:  based on4017

10 LED Sequencer: in PDF format, text in Finnish

10 Stage Light Sequencer: flashes10 low voltage bulbs, operates at10-25-Volt voltage, in PDF format, text in Finnish

12 Stage Neon Sequencer (NE 2 / NE 51): uses small power 70-Volt neon bulbs

12 Volt Color organ and Reverb unit:

12 Volt Strobe Circuit: this circuit uses12V DC instead od mains AC. This is very good idea if you dont want to mess with direct mains voltage connected circuit or you want to run the Strobe from batteries.

120 Volt AC Lamp Chaser using Solid State Relays: This circuit is similar to the LED clock using12 neon indicator lamps instead of LEDs. It operates from2 high capacity ni-cad cells (2.5 volts) which keep it going for a couple weeks. High voltage (70 volts) for the neon lamps is obtained from a small switching power supply using a 74HC14 Schmitt trigger Squarewave oscillator, high voltage switching transistor, and10 mH high Q inductor. Most any small PNP transistors can be used that have a C/E voltage rating of 80 or more.

12v car lamp flasher:

16 Stage BiDirectional LED Sequencer:

2 LED Flasher: simple two transistor circuit which blinks two LEDs

2 Transistor LED Flasher #1:

2 Transistor LED Flasher #2:

2 Wire Lamp Flasher: Ideal to operate3 to24 Volt DC existing on-Circuit lamps LED operation is also possible

220 Volt AC Light Flasher: flashes1-light bulb at adjustable speed, in PDF format, text in Finnish

220 Volts Flashing Lamps: Especially designed for Christmas tree lamps to replace old thermally-activated switches

3 Way Blinking LEDs :

3rd Brake Light Pulser:

40 LED Bicycle Light (555 Timer 6 Volt):

9v neon flasher:

Adjustable Flashing LED:

Adjustable Strobe Light: 120-Volt mains power source, up to20 Hz flash rate

Alternating LED Blinker uses Four Parts: 03/26/98 EDN-Design Ideas / Grand Prize Winner1998

Alternating LED Flasher uses Minimal Parts: 11/20/97 EDN-Design Ideas / A pair of alternating flashing LEDs makes an excellent visual alarm, this alternating LED flasher is based on one LED with built-in flashing function and two transistors driving the other normal LED

Alternating LEDs  Flasher: Mar-03

Automatic Grade Crossing Flasher Circuit:

Back & Forth Flasher: for16 LEDs

Basic LM3909 LED Flasher: runs from1.5-Volt battery

Beat Tracking Strobe: project description using AT90S8515 microcontroller and some electronics

Bicycle Back Safety Light: Flashing13 LED unit,3V supply Also suitable for jogger/walkers

Bicycle Safety Lights:

Blinking lights:

Christmas Light Flasher: Mar-03

Color Organ #1: make different colored bulbs light at different frequencies of music, connects to speaker outputs

Color Organ #2: one lamp color organ

Dancing LEDs :  A LED sequencer, following the rhythm of music or speech 9 Volt Battery-operated portable unit

Disco Lights: software and hardware for controlling disco lights from your PC

Disco Style Strobe Light: low power, works on110VAC

Dual Alternating Flashing Light:

Dual Flashing Headlights: To simulate a Gyralite (dual flashing headlights) requires 5 volt power supply too.

Dual Tandem Flashing Light:

Emergency Strobe Flasher Generates 250V: 08/05/99 EDN-Design Ideas / PDF contains multiple circuits - scroll to find this circuit.

Expandable 16 Stage LED Sequencer:

Fantastic Atom Expander: "exploding atom" effect using 98 LEDs

Flash Slave Trigger: Flash slaves are used when you need to supplement one flash unit with one or several more. This slave trigger simply triggers those other units. It does this by "seeing" the first flash (using a phototransistor) and triggering the other flashes a few microseconds later. The sensitivity of the circuit is adjustable to compensate for ambient light or dimmer than usual master flashes.

Flasher Circuit : LED Flasher, suitable for Christmas Lights

Flasher Ideas: Files containes several circuits: LED flasher, silent metronome, low battery indicator, high voltage generator

Flashing Beacon:

Flashing Christmas LED Display:

Flashing Flashlight :

Flashing lights: for a roadwork warning and a train shop sign.

Flashing Neon Christmas Lights:

Flashing Neons (NE 2 / NE 51): one, two or3-neon indicator bulbs can be made to flash in sequence

Flashing Pin: Modify a flashing pin for your rolling stock or locomotives

Flashing railroad crossings: two versions

Flashing railroad crossings: two versions

Flashing Rear End Device For DCC Systems:

Flashing Road Baricade :

Fleapower flasher draws less than 50 A: 01/23/03  EDN-Design Ideas / Some applications require a circuit to indicate that a battery's voltage has fallen below a certain value. However, if you don't frequently check the indicator, the low-battery indicator itself can easily discharge the battery. The circuit in Figure 1 indicates when the battery voltage has dropped below a preset value...

Flickering Fire Effect: This simple circuit uses four low-Wattage colored bulbs and four fluorescent lamp starters to make nice flickering flame effect.

Flip Flop Flashers, Buzzers, Etc.:

Grantronics Projects Christmas Tree: flashes LEDs mounted to Christmas tree shape PCB, kit from kitsrus.com

Hacking the Kodak Max Single Flash Camera Into a Self Repeating Strobe: this approach is recommended mainly for homebrewing a strobe that is powered by a single1.5 volt battery. If you can use a higher supply voltage, there are better ways to do this.

Headlight Flasher:

How to Make Chase Lights: This example shows3 track chase lights built from3-Christmas light sets and1-light chaser controller

ICL7660 LED Flasher:

Inexpensive LED Drives Flash & Beep Circuit: 06/05/97 EDN-Design Ideas

Knight Rider Lights Project: for 6 LEDs

Lantern Flasher / Dimmer:

Lantern Flasher/Dimmer:

LED Chaser: simple10 LED chaser

LED Flasher & TRAC Pulser Work off AC Line: 01/15/98 EDN-Design Ideas

LED Flasher indicates Low Battery Condition: 01/02/97 EDN Design Ideas

LED Flasher, TwoTransistor:

LED Flasher: built using two transistors and some other components

LED flasher-a :

LED flasher-b:

LED or Lamp Flasher: Minimum parts counting. Designed for3V battery operation

LED or Lamp Pulser: Astonishing effect4.5 Volt supply

LED Pulser With Audible Output:

LED Sign: uses two LED arrays to form a 7 X 10 matrix. It produces moving messages or animations stored in an EPROM.

LED Stroboscope: This simple LED Stroboscope circuit which I designed, maintains constant brightness of the LED at all frequencies. This is accomplished by duty-cycle and pulse width control. It is useful for measuring the speed of motors. It can easily be calibrated using a watch so you don’t need a frequency counter.

LEDs Flasher, Alternately: Classic astable multivibrator using2 transistors. Transistor is not critical. Try these:2N4401,2N2222, NTE123A, NTE123AP, NTE159, TUP/TUN and those in your junk box, you may find that most of them will work.

Light Sequenced Candelabra:

Line Powered Flashers: Great for Christmas lights, etc.

Low Power LED Flasher: based on LM3909

Mains Operated Christmas Star:

McMurtrie's Self Powered Flashing LED: circuit which uses a LED as solar panel to charge a capacitor which flashes a LED, the LED will blink when the circuit is placed in bright light

Mini Pocket Strobe Circuit: works from two1.5-Volt AA batteries, based on modified camera flash unit

Mini Strobe Light using LED: adjustable for flash rates between40 Hz and166 Hz, based on555 Timer

Miniature Strobe Light:

Multimedia Electronic Crib: microcontroller based light controller which generates sequence of day-night with light fading, optional serial control interface, based on 87C51

Multivibrator LED Flasher:

Neon Lamp Flasher Box

Nocturnal Animals Whisker: A low-rate flashing lamp drives away undesired visitors Automatic on-off operation

PC Parallel Port Output Capabilities: includes instructions how to connect a relay to PC parallel port

Power line outage flashes red alert: 06/13/2002  EDN - Design Ideas / This Design Idea expands on a circuit in a previous one to configure a power-outage detector with a flashing alarm (Figure 1, Reference 1). The circuit plugs into a mains outlet and uses trickle-charged nickel-cadmium batteries. The green-LED monitors the presence of line voltage. The BZV55-C4V3 zener diode, D1 protects the batteries against overvoltage..

Ringing Phone Light Flasher: when the ph1-rings, lights connected to circuit flash

Sequential LED Flasher: for10 LEDs

Simple Flashing Light: A simple flashing light circuit

Simpler Flashing Light: An even simpler flashing light circuit

Simplest Flashing Light: The simplest flashing light circuit in the world

Solid Stateher has Short Circuit Protection: 1/16/97 EDN-Design Ideas / Switches an inductive or resistive grounded load using a bootstrapped n-channel power MOSFET and features short-circuit, reverse-polarity, and transient-input-voltage-spike protection, operates from18 to30-Volt DC, and the circuit can handle as much as approximately10A with proper heat sinking of the FET

Special Effects From a "Six Pack": Four channel Sequencer to Analog Dimmers and idea how to couple relay to the circuit

Strobe Controller: Simple controller for professional stroboscopes, adjust the flash rate in1.15 Hz range

Third Brake Light Pulser:

Three Way Blinking LEDs :

Traffic Light Control Circuit (74145): This page features a very basic traffic light circuit that is built around the TTL family 74145 -1 of10 Decoder. The circuit is designed to drive light emitting diodes that are connected in a common anode arrangement.

Traffic Light Controller: controls on3 LED traffic light sequence

Two LED Flasher: simple two transistor circuit which blinks two LEDs

Two Transistor LED Flasher #1:

Two Transistor LED Flasher #2:

Two Wire Lamp Flasher: Ideal to operate3 to24 Volt DC existing on-Circuit lamps LED operation is also possible

Typical Strobe Light Trigger Circuit:

Variable Intensity Variable Frequency Strobe:

Visual Metronome:

White LED driver touts high efficiency: 06/12/03 EDN-Design Ideas / PDF contains multiple circuits - scroll to find this circuit

White LED Flashlight:

Xenon Flash & Strobe Page:

Xenon Strobe Light #1:

Xenon Strobe Light #2: works from115-Volt AC line


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