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Limiter Circuits

Circuit forms high frequency polarity clamp: 04/11/2002  EDN - Design Ideas / You need a negative signal clamp to protect an ADC against negative-going signals while measuring the positive pulse shape of the signal by digitizing the waveform. In other words, you must clamp negative signals at 0V. The circuit in Figure 1.

Compressor using Photo Resistor: very basic circuit based on LED, LDR and Op-Amp

Designing a Limiter for Headphone Amplifiers: review of diode-based limiter design, HeadWize

Eliminate Latching Current Limit In Power Supplies : 08/05/02 Electronic Design - Ideas for Design / Most modern power-supply control ICs offer built-in overcurrent or short-circuit protection. While some overcurrent-protection schemes are latching, others are nonlatching. When the overcurrent trip level is reached in a latching controller, the...  

Morgan Compressor / Limiter:

Passive circuit limits inrush current: 09/26/2002  EDN - Design Ideas / You would normally limit the inrush current during start-up of a rectifier circuit with a capacitor output filter by using the circuit in Figure 1. You insert a high resistance in series with the ac input or the dc output of the rectifier and then short-circuit the resistance with a switch once the filter capacitor is sufficiently charged

Stereo Broadcast Limiter: Circuit for the Ramsey FM10a/FM25 Transmitter

Stereo Compressor:


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