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Noise Reduction Filters

Make noise with a PIC : 08/07/03  EDN-Design Ideas / Building a stable noise generator for audio-frequency purposes requires only a few components. The circuit in Figure 1 relies on linear-feedback shift registers and some simple software. An eight-pin Microchip (www.microchip.com) PIC12C508 controller (IC2) with a short program generates pseudorandom noise at its output pin, GP0....

Memory Game: MeGaM is based upon the early 80s "simple-Simon" game. The opponent (microcontroller) slowly builds up a random LED sequence, which the player has to repeat step-by-step by pressing the corresponding push buttons.

Noise Enhancer Adds Short Noise Pulses: 11/11/96 EDN-Design Ideas

Noise Generator:

Pink Noise Generator #1:

Pink Noise Generator #3:

Power Supply Cuts Switching Noise In DDR Memory Systems : 11/11/02 Electronic Design - Ideas for Design / This design idea describes a unique, low-cost power-supply circuit for a double-data-rate (DDR) memory system. Conventional designs for DDR memories consist of a dual buck converter and a voltage reference. In contrast, this design replaces one buck...  

Pseudonoise Generator Doubles its Speed: 12/22/94 EDN-Design Ideas

Random Bit Sequence Generator:

Scalable White Noise Generator #1:

Scalable White Noise Generator #2:

Single IC forms pseudorandom noise source: 03/21/2002  EDN - Design Ideas / Trying to find a single IC noise source can be frustrating. National Semiconductor once made such a noise source for audio applications, but it's now hard to find. This situation leaves the designer with several choices, most of which involve using several ICs. You can take the analog approach of using a lot of gain to amplify diode-avalanche noise, or you can design a linear-feedback-shi... .

Tiny White Noise Generator:

White and Pink (1/F) Noise Source:

Wideband AGC Amplifier As a Differential Amplifier: National Semiconductor Application Notes,10-Apr-2000

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