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Power Supplies: Variable / Low Voltage Drop

0 to 24 Volt 4Adjustable Power Supply #1: 0-24V4A adjustable power supply, text in Finnish

1.2 to 25 Volt DC At 4Power Supply Schematic: built using discrete transistors and 741 OpAmp, read circuit description

1Variable Regulated Power Supply:


Adjustable power supply :

Adjustable Power Supply using LM317: voltage regulator for1.2V to35-Volt output voltages and up to1A load

Adjustable Power Supply: well filtered variable1.2-30 volts at5 amps using LM338K

Constant Current Battery Charger:

Design An Adaptable Power Supply For XENPAK: 03/17/03 Electronic Design - Ideas for Design /  XENPAK is a multisource agreement (MSA) for a 10-Gbit transceiver package. As part of the XENPAK MSA, each XENPAK module requires input power from an adaptable power supply (APS) that resides on a backplane. ...

Lantern Flasher / Dimmer:

LM317 Adjustable Power Supply:

LM317 Regulator With Pass Transistor:

LM317 Variable Power Supply:

LM317 Variable Voltage Regulator:

Low Drop Regulator (postscript File):

Low Voltage, High Current Time Delay Circuit:

Self Switching Power Supply:

Variable 3 to 24 Volt / 3 Amp Power Supply: regulated power supply can be adjusted from3 to25 volts and is current limited

Variable Dual Lab Power Supply: can supply from +/-1.2V up to about +/-25V, will current limit at around 800mA

Variable load tests voltage sources: 07/19/2001 EDN - Design Ideas / The circuit in Figure 1 serves as a variable, current-sink load for testing voltage sources. You use digital commands to set the load current of the device under test over a wide range, independently of the device under test's output voltage.

Variable Power Supply, 1 30 Volt@ 1.5A: 1.2 volts to30 volts at1.5 amps

Variable Power Supply: based on versatile L200 voltage regulator, independent voltage (3-15V) and current (10mA-2A) limits

Variable Regulator Output: 0 –28 volts at3 amps

Variable Voltage & Current Power Supply:

Varying Brightness AC Lamp: SCR is used to slowly vary the intensity of a120 volt light bulb by controlling the Time that the AC line voltage is applied to the lamp during each half cycle

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