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Phase Modulation (PM) Circuits

Robust, low-cost continuous phase FSK modulator:  01/12/98 Electronic Design - Ideas for Design / (added 9/04)  In bandpass data transmission, one common way to design low-cost frequency-shift-keying (FSK) analog modulators is to use two independent oscillators that have outputs switched according to the binary input wave to be modulated. While this approach is. . .
ST6 - UNIVERSAL MOTOR CONTROL EVALUATION BOARD:  The UMC01EVAL Evaluation Board is designed for a very low-cost phase control system based on the 8-bit ST62T00C microcontroller. It can be used to control a universal motor powered by a 230 V / 50 Hz mains supply. (added 3/05)
Variable-capacitance diode phase modulator:  10/01/98 Electronic Design - Ideas for Design / (added 9/04)  This circuit varies the phase between two squarewaves through at least 180. This capability finds application in fixed-frequency, phase shift, resonant-mode converters. ICs such as the UC3875 usually only work up to about 500 kHz, whereas this. . .

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