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Solar Cell Circuits / Photovoltaic Circuits

12 Volt Toilet Tank Refiller:

1381 Solar Engine:

AA Battery Solar Charger:

AA Battery Solar Charger: This almost trivial circuit may be used to charge a pair of AA or AAA sized cells in the sun. I have used it to keep my Palm Pilot and walkman radio running perpetually. This is an unregulated charger, proper charging is achieved by placing the unit in the sun for a known amount of Time, this Time varies according to the battery type.

Battery Low Voltage Beeper:

D1 Solar Engine:

FLED Solar Engine:

LED Mood Light:

LED7 Solar Tracker:

Light Sensing RF Transmitter:

Low Power LED Volt Meter:

PM1 Solar Engine:

Portable Solar Battery Charger:

Programmable Light Activated Relay:

Remote Solar LED Light:

RF Transmitter, Light Sensing:

SCC2 1012 / 24 Volt Solar Charge Controller:

Self Powered Solar Box Furnace:

Sensor Electronic Tracker With H Bridge Drive:

Sensor Electronic Tracker With Simple Solar Charge Controller:

Seven Component Regulated LED Lamp:

Shunt Battery Charger Provides 1Continuous Current: 11/20/97 EDN Design Ideas / a shunt method is Preferable than series regulation in Solar Powered Systems

Solar Car Array Controller Schematic:

Solar Car Battery Monitor Schematic:

Solar Car Brake Controller Schematic:

Solar Car Display Controller Schematic:

Solar Car Electrical Design and Circuit index:

Solar Car Main Controller Schematic:

Solar Cell Converter offers Positive Start up: 08/15/96 EDN-Design Ideas

Solar Cell NiCd Charger:

Solar Cells implement Low Cost Illuminator: 09/12/97 EDN-Design Ideas

Solar Charge Controller:

Solar Charged LED Flashlight:

Solar Charged LED Utility Light:

Solar Charger for Lead Acid Batteries: Solar lead acid charger, with battery voltage monitor, for12V battery

Solar Current Meter:

Solar Panel Charge Controller / Low Voltage Disconnect Circuit:

Solar Panel Charge Controller / Low Voltage Disconnect Circuit: Lead acid charger, with battery voltage monitor, power comes from solar panels

Solar Panel Current Meter:

Solar Power Recharge:

Solar Power Supply:

Solar Powered +5 & +3.3 Power Supply:

Solar Powered Dock Lamp Flasher:

Solar Robots:

Solar Step Down Regulator:

Solar Tracker:

Solar Tracking Control System:

SPC2 612 Volt Solar Power Center:

Sun Tracking Circuit for Solar Arrrays:

Using The LM555 Timer With Photocell Detectors:

Variations on the PWM DC Motor Speed Control:

Visible Light Photo Detector Circuits (E+F):

Zener Based Solar Engine:

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