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50 MHz Assistant:

Advanced VHF Power Meter:

Easy To Build AC Power Meter: 05/12/03 Electronic Design - Ideas for Design / If your goal is to save on electricity, you must first measure the ac current flowing through your appliances. The formula for power is the product of the ac line voltage and the measured current. Presented here is a demonstration of how to build an...

Make a Low Cost Benchtop Power Meter: 09/11/98 EDN-Design Ideas

Optocoupler simplifies power line monitoring: 01/10/2002  EDN - Design Ideas / The use of a linear optocoupler and a capacitor-based power supply yields a simple, yet precise power-line-monitoring system. The circuit in Figure 1 converts the 110V-ac power-line voltage to an ac output voltage centered at 2.5V, covering 0 to 5V. The circuit isolates the output signal from the power line. .

Power meter is 1% accurate: 05/30/2002  EDN - Design Ideas / Power meters provide an early warning of thermal overload by monitoring power consumption in high-reliability systems. Power monitoring is especially suitable for motor controllers, industrial heating systems, and other systems in which the load voltage and current are both variable. The power meter/controller in Figure 1 uses the principle that power is the product of voltage and current..

RF Power Meter for the QRPer:

RF Power Meter:

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