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Push Pull Circuits

300V PEAK TO PEAK SIGNAL GENERATOR (54) (300vpp) This circuit converts a square wave signal to a +-150 volt output signal with fast 100nS rise and fall times.
N-CH AND P-CH TRANSISTORS FORM PUSH-PULL DRIVER (66) (pushpul) This circuit can produce high speed output signals with fast rise and full times. The unique change pump action allows the voltage of the upper P-ch device to range from millivolts to hundreds of volts. The output current is only limited by the rating of the transistors. I have used this circuit beyond 2MHz.
175KHz INDUCTIVE PULSE TRANSMITTER (73) (175khzx) This circuit is discussed in more detain in the Experimenters Journal. The transmitter’s six-inch diameter coil launches powerful magnetic 175KHz ring pulses that can be detected by the circuit below.
SQUARE WAVE DRIVER HAS FLEXIBLE OUTPUTS (88) (flexdri3) This circuit can produce an output signal ranging from DC to 100KHz. It can source a voltage ranging from 1v to 30v. It can sink a voltage ranging from zero volts to –30v. It can drive up to 200ma of current and can even be switched to a floating tristate output.

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