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RMS - Root Mean Square Circuits

Circuit measures true rms and average value:  09/26/2002  EDN - Design Ideas / The circuit in Figure 1 measures both the true-rms value and the rectified average value of an ac signal. This design uses two low-cost ICs in SOIC packages and consumes only 180 A of quiescent current. Operating from a single 5V supply, the circuit has an input dynamic range of less than 30 mV to greater than 3V rms..
Extend RMS-To-DC Converter's Range:  09/05/00 Electronic Design - Ideas for Design / This Idea For Design was originally published July 12, 1990. Comparator hysteresis can extend the dynamic range of ac signal measurement by auto ranging an rms-to-dc converter. A. . .
Linear-RMS Phase Control Improves Thyristor-Based Thermostat:  03/05/01 Electronic Design - Ideas for Design / Precision temperature control circuits for small thermal loads like oscillator crystals and voltage references tend to be fairly easy to design. This is because simple, well-behaved, linear-output drivers running from regulated dc supplies are often. . .
Paralleling RMS Converters Speeds Settling.:  05/26/94 EDN-Design Ideas
:  09/14/95 EDN-Design Ideas

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