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AT89C2051 Line Follower Robot
C 52 EVB Robot Controller
Mobile Robot
PIC16F84 Line Following Robot
RF Modem Robotics Project
Servo Pulse to Dual H Bridge:  interface performs vital control functions needed for propulsion and steering of a “fighting robot”.
The AI-A-1 Robot:  I am creating a Robot using a Radio Shack project box.

The Millipede:  Me and a friend are both trying to build a millipede. Because of obvious reasons, the millipede is NOT going to have 1000 feet!!! Instead, it's going to have 16 pager motors as feet. It will also have 3 Micro Motors to ''bend'' towards light, and a backup sensor.

Tiny Robot
:  You can find here all robotics relates resources, Robotics Tutorials, Robotics Programming.

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