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Sensors / Detectors: Air Flow Detectors

Air Flow Detector #1:  This simple circuit uses an incandescent lamp to detect airflow. With the filament exposed to air, a constant current source is used to slightly heat the filament. As it is heated, the resistance increases. As air flows over the filament it cools down, thus lowering its resistance. A comparator is used to detect this difference and light an LED. With a few changes, the circuit can be connected to a meter or ADC to provide an estimation on the amount of airflow.
Air Flow Detector #2
Airflow Monitor Protects Components:  09/28/95 EDN-Design Ideas
Electronic air flow detector
Linear pitot-tube air-speed indicator:  06/09/97 Electronic Design - Ideas for Design / Among the many methods used for measuring air speed, one approach excels in applications related to aerodynamics and wind power: the Pitot-tube impact-pressure air-speed indicator. The so-called “impact” or “stagnation” pressure exerted by airflow. . .
Low-Power Solid-State Airflow Detector:  01/22/01 Electronic Design - Ideas for Design /   Explicit airflow detection is essential in many applications. High power-density electronics are liable to overheat and self-destruct when cooling-fan failures go unnoticed. Heating and air-conditioning systems often incorporate multipoint. . .
Low-power thermal airspeed sensor:  05/25/98 Electronic Design - Ideas for Design / Among the techniques available to measure airspeed, thermal anemometry has the virtues of simplicity and easy miniaturization. Such anemometers use the relationship between airspeed and power dissipated by a heated sensor known as King’s Law. One good. . .
Series-Connected Transistors Use Differential Heating To Sense Airflow:  05/07/01 Electronic Design - Ideas for Design / Among the methods available for airflow measurement, thermal flow meters enjoy the virtues of simplicity. They also offer simple construction, low cost, and superior sensitivity to low flow rates (less than 1000 fpm). All thermal anemometers make. . .
Simple Circuit Detects Airflow:  12/04/00 Electronic Design - Ideas for Design / Moving air provides a better conductive path and cooling method for hot components than stagnant air. Therefore, airflow is a critical parameter in systems where heat build-up is a concern. The circuit shown is unique because it wasn’t designed to.

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