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Rotation Monitor - Sensors / Detectors

Almost-accurate rotation center:  05/13/98 Electronic Design - Ideas for Design /   Most motion-control applications typically employ an optical disk or Hall-effect device in order to accurately count the number of times that a motor shaft rotates. While the following circuit lacks the accuracy of both the optical disk and. . .
Available-light phototachometer simplifies outdoor remote sensing:  01/25/99 Electronic Design - Ideas for Design / Tachometry, the measurement of the speed of rotating objects, is a common enough application that has many practical but few noteworthy solutions. Some of these jobs, however, have quirky aspects. . .
Digital Tachometer Avoids Analog Vices:  11/10/94 EDN-Design Ideas
Optical Tachometer Provides BiDirectional Info:  05/21/98 EDN-Design Ideas
Simple Circuit Measures Diesel's Rotations Per Minute:  03/04/99 EDN-Design Ideas / PDF contains multiple circuits - scroll to find this circuit.
Speed Limit Alarm
Tachometer Demodulator has Fast Response Time:  12/07/95 EDN-Design Ideas
Wireless Auto Tachometer

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