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Converters: Sine to Square Wave

Current Feedback Amps Square up Fast Signals:  06/23/94 EDN-Design Ideas
CurrentFeedback Op Amps Save Power In Photodiode Apps :  09/30/02 Electronic Design - Ideas for Design / Current-feedback amplifiers offer high bandwidth with minimal power-supply current draw. However, they're rarely used as transimpedance amplifiers in photodiode applications due to the high current noise of their inverting inputs. The ...  
Self Powered Sine to Square Wave Converter:  Converts sine to square waves without a power-source Useful as a test instrument for audio purposes
Square Wave to Sine Circuit
Square Wave to Sine Converter
Time tag impulses with zero crossing circuit:  01/24/2002  EDN - Design Ideas / A "constant-fraction discriminator" usually performs the time-tagging of impulsive events, which have a peaking time of the signal amplitude. The implementation of this technique requires a delay in the input signal of approximately the same amount as the signal's rise time. You can attain this delay by using a coaxial cable of an appropriate length. .
Unique discrete zero-crossing detector:  04/05/99 Electronic Design - Ideas for Design /  A zero-crossing detector delivers an output pulse that synchronizes other circuitry to the transitions through zero volts of a sinusodial source for both polarity excursions. This detector, which. . .

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