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Stepper Motor Circuits

68HC11 Stepper Motor Control
AT89C2051 / 4051Stepper Motor Interface
Basic Circuit Supplies Stepper-Motor Timing:  10/13/03 Electronic Design - Design Briefs / The fundamental circuit shown in Figure 1 generates timing for a two-phase stepper motor from an oscillator, as well as a direction (forward or reverse) signal. Figure. . .
Circuit Controls Isolated 12 Volt Stepper Motor:  09/26/96 EDN-Design Ideas / Allows full direction and step control of a12V, four-phase stepper motor from a5V, TTL/CMOS-compatible logic controller
Circuit Controls Slew for Stepper Drive:  08/19/99 EDN-Design Ideas /  Slewing control for stepper motors that you use in sophisticated applications, such as monochromator movements in optical experiments
Increasing the High Speed Torque of BiPolar Stepper Motors:  National Semiconductor Application Notes,05-Aug-1995
Inexpensive Logic Controls Stepper Motor:  03/26/98 EDN-Design Ideas
Make a simple ramp generator for stepper motors:  04/04/2002  EDN - Design Ideas / Stepper motors are synchronous motors that step at the pulse rate of the driving signal. For the motor to move quickly, the stepping rate must be fast. However, because of motor and load inertia, the motor often cannot go from 0 rpm to the desired number of revolutions per minute in one step. Therefore, most stepper motors receive their drive from a pulse chain that starts out slowly and ... .
:  08/03/95 EDN-Design Ideas
SIMPLE STEPPER MOTOR CONTROLLER:  This circuit can be used to control a unipolar stepper motor, which has four coils
Stepper Motor Controller #1
Stepper Motor Controller #2:  Uses the CPLD and 8031 microcontroller on the XS95 Board to control the rotational speed and direction of a stepper motor. (This project is in Spanish.)
Stepper Motor Driver:  74194 Inexpensive stepper motor driver that could be used to power slow speed projects on the layout or other Tutorials applications
Stepper Motor Experiment
Stepper Motor Positioner
Two Components Drive Stepper Motor:  01/19/95 EDN-Design Ideas

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