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Adding synchronous rectification is made easier with ferrite beads:  06/14/99 Electronic Design - Ideas for Design / To increase efficiency in portable applications, many designers have turned to synchronous rectification for low-voltage switching power converters. This is usually implemented using a power. . .
Circuit for Generating Composite Sync From Composite Video
NTSC Synchronization Separator:  Stable Triggering of Oscilloscope Video Waveform Displays -- Have you been frustrated by video waveforms which are difficult to display on your oscilloscope? Do you have to readjust the trigger level every Time the scene changes? This article describes a simple circuit that will allow a triggered sweep oscilloscope to provide the most important capability of a video waveform monitor, a stable display of the video waveform.
One Chip Sync Mixer:  This simple circuit combines separate sync signals to1-negative composite sync signal. This circuit is originally designed to hook up a CGA to display which needs composite sync signal. Can be adapted for other uses.
Simple Circuit Removes Sync:  This circuit does analogue video signal preprocessing for A/D conversion. This application note is in PDF format.
Sync Separator Includes AGC:  05/11/95 EDN-Design Ideas / This sync separation circuit has a gain-control circuit that helps to stabilize the sync-separation function
Using the LM1881 Chip:  This is quite a nice chip, and has myriad uses. Since most game systems output the composite sync information along with the NTSC video output, and since most RGB monitors will not accept this extraneous info along with the sync, we need to remove the video signal. The LM1881 does an admirable job of this.
Video Amplifier With Sync Stripper & PC Restore:  This document is an application note of200 MHz video amplifier, sync stripper and DC restorer in PDF format.
Video Line Sync Trigger Generator:  trigger your oscilloscope on specific lines in a video signal
Video Sync Inverter Circuit:  simple circuit to invert TTL level sync signals

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