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Thermocouple Circuits

Circuit provides cold junction compensation:  11/28/2002  EDN - Design Ideas / The accuracy of any circuit or system that uses a thermocouple to determine the temperature of a process is limited by the accuracy of the method used to perform cold-junction compensation. In a thermocouple measurement, two wires of dissimilar metal join together at the "hot," or measurement, junction..
DPPs make nonvolatile microvolt DAC:  10/31/2002  EDN - Design Ideas / The availability of a seemingly limitless variety of monolithic DAC chips makes it easy to implement most digital-to-analog-conversion applications with a single off-the-shelf device. Sometimes, an unusual set of requirements necessitates a multichip approach, however. One example of such a requirement is the need for nonvolatility of the DAC's setting in power-up and -down cycles..
Network imitates thermocouples:  11/08/2001 EDN - Design Ideas / Thermocouples find widespread use for temperature measurement in systems. During system design or testing, you must observe the system's response at different temperatures. However, it's inconvenient to heat a thermocouple every time you need to check a system's performance. You can use the simple trick of touching the thermocouple with a hot soldering iron, but this method provides only ... .
Thermocouple Interfaces to Serial Port:  11/09/95 EDN-Design Ideas
Thermocouple thermometer features a 1-mV/F output:  10/18/99 Electronic Design - Ideas for Design / An inexpensive, battery-powered, cold-junction-compensated, thermocouple thermometer with an output of 1 mV/F can be constructed using type-K thermocouple wire. Because type-K thermocouple. . .
ΔVBE-Based Cold-Junction Compensator For Thermocouples:  11/06/00 Electronic Design - Ideas for Design / The familiar thermocouple (TC) is probably the oldest species of electronic temperature sensor extant. TCs consist merely of two dissimilar conductors joined at the temperature measuring point. They’re simple to fabricate and look (at first glance)

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