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Three Phase Circuits

$5 junkbox Circuit Determines Phase Sequence :  04/23/98 EDN-Design Ideas [file contains multiple circuits - scroll to find this one] 
3 Phase Brushless DC Motor Xtal Based Controller:  This crystal based brushless DC motor controller was specifically designed to work with SKC (Shinano Kenshi Co.) streaming tape drive motor part # DR-4312-001. The principle could be applied to just about any 3 Phase motor using Hall effect sensors. The heart of the controller is a 2 chip combination from Unitrode Corporation the UC3633 and the UC3620.
Inverters form three-phase VCO:  08/02/01 EDN Design Ideas - You sometimes need an inexpensive VCO that can produce evenly spaced three-phase outputs over a wide frequency range. You could use tracking all-phase filters with only one oscillator, but this technique is difficult to implement and offers limited range. Other methods, such as using a DSP, are feasible, but they're complex and expensive....
Level shifting nixes need for dual power supply:  01/06/00 EDN-Design Ideas / The AD736 true-rms-to-dcconverter is useful for many applications that require precise calculation of the rms value of a waveform. This converter can determine the true rms value, the average rectified value, or the absolute value of a myriad input wavefo...
Optocoupler simplifies power-line monitoring:  01/10/02 EDN Design Ideas The use of a linear optocoupler and a capacitor-based power supply yields a simple, yet precise power-line-monitoring system. The circuit in Figure 1 converts the 110V-ac power-line voltage to an ac output voltage centered at 2.5V, covering 0 to 5V. The circuit isolates the output signal from the power line. ...
Phase Splitting:  Phase splitting means the creation of a sinusoidal signal like a given one, but displaced in phase by a certain amount. A sinusoidal signal repeats a sequence of values as time passes, and the cycle is divided into 360 electrical degrees or 2π radians, like a circle. A rotating phasor is a graphic representation of these changes. The unit phasor exp(jωt) is said to have phase ωt in degrees or radians, where ω is the angular frequency 2πf radians per second. For 60 Hz, the angular frequency is the familar 377 rad/s.
RF transmitter uses AMI encoding:  11/24/99 EDN-Design Ideas / Although alternate-mark-inversion (AMI) encoding is well-suited for direct-conversion FM transmission, designers often overlook the technique. AMI, a three-phase, synchronous-encoding technique, uses bipolar pulses to represent logic ones and no signal to...
Self modifying code extends addressing mode:  12/17/98 EDN-Design Ideas / Self-modifying code extends addressing mode. VHDL procedure dynamically opens a file . Configure buck converter for boost operation. Circuit eases three-phase monitoring. PLL forms simple MSK demodulator. C makes inexpensive sine-wave generator. 74...
Three phase power supply:  The "small" three phase power supply is capable of delivering 3.5 kV at 1 A. The 380 V AC is connected via a start-up circuit, limiting the initial current. It is a temporary power supply, used until the final one is ready.

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