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Model Train Circuits

1.5 Volt Power Supply 2: A hefty 1.5 volt DC power supply to power four or more 1.5 volt bulbs 

1.5 Volt Power Supply: A 1.5 volt DC power supply 

18 Volt PSU for Radio Controlled Throttles:

5 Times Around Circuit for Layout Animation:

5 Volt Power Supply: A 5 volts DC power supply to power the Gyralite above 

6 Aspect - Searchlight Signal Driver (LM555):

A 3 Amp, Three Terminal Regulator Type Throttle (E+F):

A coach electrical system:

Athearn Locomotive Modication:

Audible Train Approach Warning:

Automatic Grade Crossing Flasher Circuit:

Automatic Incline Railway System:

Automatic Reversing Circuit - Inexpensive System (2002):

Automatic Reversing Circuit - MkI (1997):

Automatic Reversing Circuit - MkII and MkIII Schematics:

Automatic Reversing Circuit - MkIV and PCB (2000):

Automatic Station Stop Circuit:

Blinking lights:

Capacitor Discharge -Switch Machine Power Supplies (E+F):

Computer Controlled Model Train Set:

Constant Directional Lighting #2:

Constant Directional Lighting #3:

Constant Directional Lighting 2: A 2 diode + 2 rectifier constant directional lighting circuit 

Constant Directional Lighting: A 6 diode constant directional lighting circuit

Current Measurement For DCC Systems:

DCC Waveforms and Voltages For DCC Systems:

Diode Matrix Systems For Stall-Motor Switch Machines:

Dual Alternating Flashing Light: A dual alternating flashing light circuit 

Dual Flashing Headlights: To simulate a Gyralite (dual flashing headlights) requires 5 volt power supply too. 

Dual Tandem Flashing Light: A dual tandem flashing light circuit 

Engine code tester:

F1-F4 functions tester:

Flashing lights:

Flashing Pin:

Flashing railroad crossings:

Flashing Rear-End Device For DCC Systems

General Purpose Block Occupancy Detector: Block occupancy detector designed for general purpose use on systems where the polarity of the power to the model train track is reversible. 

H Bridge Direct Current Motor Control Circuits:

High Current Crossing Light Flasher (LM556):

Joy Stick Controlled - Modernized Toy Throttle:

Laser Pointer Train Detector:

Low Power Crossing Light Flashers (LM556) (E+F):

Low Tech DCC Meters:

Non-directional Constant Light 2: A non-directional constant light circuit for "can" type motors 

Non-directional Constant Lighting: A single-rectifier, non-directional constant lighting circuit 

Not As Simple Signals:

Optoisolator Block Occupancy Detector:

Rail Crossing Diamond Protection:

Route Control For Stall-Motor Switch Machines:

Silicon Controlled Rectifier Type Throttles:

Simple Flashing Light: A simple flashing light circuit 

Simple Signal Circuits:

Simple Train Detector: A fairly simple train detector using ambient light and a photocell 

Simpler Flashing Light: An even simpler flashing light circuit 

Simplest Flashing Light: The simplest flashing light circuit in the world 

Sound control decoder: a sound system built from an electronic greeting card. 

Stall-Motor Switch Machine - Automatic Reversing Loop Circuit:

Stall-Motor Switch Machine Circuits:

Stall-Motor Switch Machine Drivers (LM556):

The Magic Engine: a DIY-project: extract from the book.

Toggle Switch Control Of Twin Coil Switch Machines:

Traffic Light Control Circuit (74145):

Train Detector with Infrared LED: A moderately complex train detector using an infrared LED and detector 

Train Electrical system 1: H0 and N 

Train Electrical system 2: for three coaches,  H0 and N. 

Train Electrical system 3: Railcar Electrical system 

Turnout Anti-Derail Protection:

Twin Coil Switch Machine - Automatic Reversing Loop Circuits:

Two Wire Throttle Control System:

Various Transistor Throttle Circuits:

Visible Light Photo Detector Circuits (E+F):

Voltage Doubler Input- DCC Only Block Occupancy Detector:

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