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Transmitter Circuits

1 Valve 3.5MH CW Transmitters
1 Valve CW Transmitter
1.5 Volt Tracking Transmitter
1.5 Volt Tracking Transmitter 2
10W HF Linear Amplifier
150mW FM Transmitter
1W CW Transmitter
2 Transistor FM Transmitters
2 Transistor FM Transmitters:
2 Valve 40m CW Transmitter
2 Valve CW Transmitter
20M, 4W QRP Transmitter
250mW HF CW Transmitter
27MHz AM/CW Transmitter
2N2222 40 Meter CW / DSB Tranceiver
3 Watt FM Transmitter
30 Meter QRP Transmitter for Morse Code
3W HF QRP Linear Amplifier
4 Transistor Tracking Transmitter
4 Transistor Transmitter
433MHz Transmitter using SAW Resonator
5 Watt HF CW Transmitter
500mW HF Linear Amplifier
56K RF Modem
5W PLL Transmitter
7Mhz AM/CW Amateur Radio Transmitter
7MHz QRP Transmitter
7MHz SSB Transceiver:  Circuit digram and brief description of 7MHz SSB Transceiver for Hams. The circuit is designed around two numbers of MC1496. It can push around 80 Watts with IRF840 in the final. You can down load HTML version or the printer friendly word document.
80 Meter DSB Transmitter
807 and 1625 Valves:  data on vacuum tubes 807 and 1625 used in ham radio transmitters. Describes various pin voltages and different operation modes.
AM DSB Transmitter for Hams:  circuit diagram of simple double side band suppressed carrier (DSBSC) transmitter for hams. Circuit uses crystal oscillator, crystal can be switched for multi band operation. .
AM oscillator for Wireless Microphones
AM Transmitter
Antennas for Ham Transmitters:  Describes how to construct various type of antenna for Ham Radio Transmitters.
AT Volt Repeater Controllers
Basic FM Radio Transmitters
Basic RF Oscillator #1
Basic RF Transmitter for PIR Sensors
Battery operated FM rebroadcast transmitter :  Gives you 10 to 20 meters range and runs for months on a single penlight cell.
Ceramic Filter BFO:  Receive SSB and CW transmissions on your BC receiver. Simple BFO is build around 455 KHz Ceramic Filter.
Crystal Controlled FM Transmitter
Current Transmitter With Linear Voltage Transfer Rejects Ground Noise:  08/07/00 Electronic Design - Ideas for Design / Many systems use current signals to control remote instruments. The advantage of this method is the ability to operate with two remotely connected power supplies even if their grounds are not the same. In these cases, it's necessary for the output. . .
Design of Brookdale AT Volt Repeater System Exciter:  uses a pair of Hamtronics model TA4512-watt narrow-band FM voice transmitters to develop video and audio carriers on439.250 MHz and443.750 MHz
Easy 2 Meter Transmitter:  This project is a simple transmitter using only one crystal and will cover 145.00 to 146.00 MHz. The crystal is a 44.9333 MHz crystal for 145.500 receive, as used in the Trio (Kenwood) 2200, PYE, Motorolla, Tait equipment, to name but four. The frequency of the crystal is not critical as almost any other xtal for the 2-meter band will function
Experimental Data Transmitter for Fiber optics
Fibroptic transmitter
FM Band Monaural Transmitter
FM Beacon Transmitter (88 108 MHz):  This circuit will transmit a continuous audio tone on the FM broadcast band (88-108 MHz) which could used for remote control or security purposes. Circuit draws about30 mA from a 6-9 volt battery and can be received to about100 yards.
FM Broadcast Audio Transmitter :  Monophonic FM band transmitter for home use.
FM Bug
FM Radio Bug
FM Radio Telephone Transmitter
FM Radio Transmitter
FM Radio Transmitter #1
FM Radio Transmitters With OpAmp
FM Transmitter
FM transmitter
Four Channel Wireless Transmitter & Receiver:
Four Transistor Tracking Transmitter
Frequency Agile 80m CW QRP Transmitter
High Power FM Bug
Infra / Radio Remote Control Transmitter / Receiver
Infrared Transmitter and Receiver Schematic Diagrams
Infrared Transmitter Circuit:
Infrared Transmitter for Audio:  (Amplitude Modulated IR)
Laser Diode Transmitter
Laser Transmitter Schematics
Light Sensing RF Transmitter
Li'l 7 AM Transmitter Schematic
Long Range FM Transmitter
Low Power FM Transmitter
Micro Power AM Broadcast Transmitters:  In this circuit, a 74HC14 hex Schmitt trigger inverter is used as a square wave oscillator to drive a small signal transistor in a Class C amplifier configuration. The oscillator frequency can be either fixed by a crystal or made adjustable VFO with a capacitor/resistor combination.
Micro Spy With FETs
Micro Spy With TTL
Micro Spy With USW
MicroPower FM Broadcasting Circuits
Miniature FM Transmitter #2
Miniature FM Transmitter #3
Miniature FM Transmitter #4
Miniature FM Transmitters #4
Miniature MW Transmitter:  circuit diagram of simple medium wave transmitter using BF494B. This simple transmitter have a range of 200 meters. .
MINIATURE TRANSMITTER:   What can I say about this circuit except brilliant I have actually built this one and was very impressed, I built it using leaded components maybe one day try a bit of smd make it even smaller, problems needs a big Ariel to transmit over any great distance.
One Valve 3.5MH CW Transmitter
Op Amp Based FM Transmitter
Phasing SSB Exciter
QRP HF Transmitter
QRP Keyer:  very simple keyer circuit using only one transistor.
QRP SSB Transmitter
Quality FM Transmitter
Sensitive FM Transmitter
Shortwave Radio Transmitter
Shortwave Transmitter:
Simple FM Microphone
Simple FM Transmitter #1
Simple Low FER Transmitter
Simple RF Transmitter
Simple T Volt Transmitter #1
Simple T Volt Transmitter #2
Simplest RF Transmitter
Small circuit forms programmable 4 to 20 mtransmitter:  04/17/03  EDN-Design Ideas / One of the key challenges in the design of 4 to 20-mA current transmitters is the voltage-to-current conversion stage. Conventional transmitters use multiple op amps and transistors to perform the conversion function. These approaches have been around for a long time, but they are usually inflexible, have poor power efficiency, and have limited current compliance...
Small FM Transmitter #2
Small Radio Transmitter
Spark gap Transmitter
Surveillance Transmitter Detector:  This circuit can be used to "sweep" an area or room and will indicate if a surveillance device is operative. The problem in making a suitable a detector is to get its sensitivity just right, Too much sensitivity and it will respond to radio broadcasts, too little, and nothing will be heard.
T Volt Transmitter:  allows you to send video to any television in the house, Poptronix kit circuit
Telephone Transmitter
Three Watt FM Transmitters
Tracking Transmitter #1
Tracking Transmitter #2
Transmitter senses triple relative humidity figures:  09/26/2002  EDN - Design Ideas / The circuit in Figure 1 is a triple, relative-humidity sensor and radio transmitter. Sensors 1 and 2 form two gated oscillators with natural frequencies of 10 and 5 kHz, respectively, at relative humidity of 50%. The gated oscillators use variable resistances R2 and R3, respectively. Together, these two oscillators generate FSK-modulated outputs at output of IC1B, Pin 6..
Transmitter using LM317:
Two Transistor FM Transmitters
Two Valve 40m CW Transmitter
VHF / UHF T Volt Modulator:   Elektor January1985
VHF Audio Video Transmitter:  This circuit is a TV transmitter on VHF band.
VHF beacon transmitter
VHF FM Transmitter
VHF Transmitter
Video / Audio Wireless Transmitter:  circuit diagram and project description
Video to RF Modulator:  This circuit is a RF modulator which can be used for modeling of video signal.
Video/Audio Wireless Transmitter
Wire Tracer
Wireless IR headphone Transmitter
Wireless Microphone #1
Wireless Microphone #2
Wireless Microphone #3
Wireless Microphone Transmitter
WLW 500KW Transmitter Schematic
XTAL Locked tone Transmitter

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