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Triangle Wave Generator Circuits

10 Hz to 10 Khz VCO With Square and Triangle Wave
Precise Triangle Wave Generation:  National Semiconductor Application Notes,28-Jun-1996
Scheme yields Frequency Locked Triangle Waves:  02/02/98 EDN-Design Ideas
Summer Linearizes Ramp & Triangle Generators:  12/08/94 EDN-Design Ideas
Transconductance amp gives oscillator reciprocal response:  04/17/03  EDN-Design Ideas /  The circuit in Figure 1 is a variation on the familiar integrator/comparator triangle-wave oscillator, which you typically implement with two op amps. An integrator and a comparator connect in a positive-feedback loop; the comparator drives the integrator and vice versa. A fixed amount of Hysteresis exists in the comparator, producing a triangle wave at the integrator's output...
Tri Waveform Generator
Triangle & Square Wave Generator
Triangle / Square wave Generator
Triangle Waveform Generator
Triangle/square-wave oscillator serves dual purpose:  11/22/99 Electronic Design - Ideas for Design / In conventional triangular-wave oscillators, hysteresis from positive feedback in the Schmitt trigger determines the voltage levels and amplitude of the triangular waves. With this topology, it’s. .

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