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Power Supplies: UPS - Uninterruptible Power Supply

Basic UPS
Build a UPS for USB devices:  04/11/2002  EDN - Design Ideas /  Portable systems often include circuitry that derives power from an external source, such as USB. When the system disconnects from the USB supply, a battery takes over and supplies current via a dc/dc converter. A diode-OR connection (Figure 1.
Micro-UPS Features Rapid Battery Recharge:  01/24/00 Electronic Design - Ideas for Design /  Every circuit needs some sort of power source. Frequently, the success of a circuit will be made or broken by the convenience and flexibility of its power supply. This is particularly true of portable instrumentation, which often must combine. . .
Off Line-UPS Offers Backup Power-Source Alternative:  01/10/00 Electronic Design - Ideas for Design /  With increased dependency on electric power for various domestic, commercial purposes and the seemingly declining capacity of power utilities in many countries, the need for additional backup power sources is on the rise. Various modules are already. .

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