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Vacuum Tube Circuits

2 Valve 40m CW Transmitter:

25L6 Amp: design without a power transformer  

Hybrid Amplifier using a 5687 Tube & Magnatec PowerMOSFETs:

One Valve 3.5MH CW Transmitter:

Phono Preamp (valve): tube design  

Pure a Class Tube Amp: 15W pure A Class and push-pull  

Push Pull Class A 2A3 Stereo Amp (valve):

Push Pull Class A Amp using type 5687 Dual Triodes:

Quad 22 Tube Amp: circuit diagram of commercial tube amplifier  

RCA Theremin Circuit:

Single Ended Class A2 SV811 10 Stereo Amp:

Stereo Tube Amplifier:

Top Level OTL Tube Headphone Amplifier:

Tube Amplifiers:

Tube Buffer for CD Player:

Two Valve 40m CW Transmitter:

VOX AC30 Guitar Amplifier Simulator:

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