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Variable Gain Amplifier Circuit

Automatic gain Control (AGC) Circuits:

Digitally Control Gain over a 40 DB Range: 09/12/97 EDN-Design Ideas  digitally control an amplifiers gain over a 40-dB range gain Resolution of1.25 dB

High Frequency VGhas Digital Control: 07/18/96 EDN-Design Ideas

Low Noise Variable Gain Amplifier:

Single IC provides gains of 10 and –10 : 08/07/03  EDN-Design Ideas / Real-world data-acquisition systems require amplifying weak signals to match the full-scale input range of an A/D converter. Unfortunately, when you configure them as gain blocks, most common amplifiers have both gain errors and offset drift. The typical two-resistor gain-setting arrangement found in many op-amp circuits has serious accuracy and drift limitations....

Variable Gain Stage uses Voltage Output DAC: 08/01/97 EDN-Design Ideas

Variable Regulator Output: 0 –28 volts at3 amps

Video Circuits Collection : Linear Technology Application Note #57 / January1994 /includes Video transmission over UTP

Voltage Controlled Panner: Variable gain amplifier circuit

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