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VHF - Very High Frequency Circuits

Convert 2m VHF FM PMR Transceiver Motorola Radius M110 Into An Amateur Radio
Ham Band VFO
Low-cost prototyping for VHF circuits:  10/18/99 Electronic Design - Ideas for Design /  Below 10 MHz, the realization of engineering models is fairly straightforward and not critically dependent on pc-board layout. At VHF, parasitic circuit elements and spurious coupling can wreak. . .
Low-Cost VHF Inductors Use Nylon Toroids:  06/18/01 Electronic Design - Ideas for Design /   Toroidal inductors can be used in passive-filter and equalizer circuits in the VHF range. Although SAW filters have taken over many bandpass filter applications, LC low-pass and high-pass filters are still viable. When inductance values. . .
VHF / UHF T Volt Modulator:   Elektor January1985
VHF Audio Video Transmitter:  This circuit is a TV transmitter on VHF band.
VHF beacon transmitter
VHF Transmitter

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