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Volume Unit Meters / Sound Level Monitors

3 Level Audio Power Indicator:  Battery-operated 3 LED display that connect it to loudspeaker output
30 DDm to +30 DDm Audio Level Meter:  circuit with balanced input and adjustable gain to drive needle type VU meter, uses special amplifier module from Op-Amp Labs
Analog LED Bar VU Meter:  built around discrete components
Audio LED VU Meter:  built around discrete components
Audio tone VU Meter
Audio VU Meter
Digital Volume Control:  based on DS1669 Digital Pot IC
Digital volume control has log taper:  04/11/2002  EDN - Design Ideas / Digital potentiometers provide a compact and convenient way to attenuate audio-amplifier signals. However, most such potentiometers suffer from at least one flaw: a nonlogarithmic step increment. To avoid this problem, a user must usually step.
High Resolution Volume unit Meter Simplifies CD Recording:  06/21/2001 EDN-Design Ideas / (One of several circuits in this PDF) CD digital-recording decks typically have peak-reading-only volume-level meters. This feature is adequate to prevent clipping but does a poor job of reading the average volume, or loudness, level. A high-Resolution, average- (not peak-) reading volume-unit meter produces an accurate reading of loudness.
LED Audio UV Monitor:  logarithmic scale with3 dB steps, based in LM3915 IC
LED Bar VU Meter
LED Barograph Driver: Fair Warning: this site has pop-up ads
Mono VUMeter I
Precision Audio MilliVoltmeter:  Measures10mV to50Volt RMS in eight ranges Simply connect to your Avo-meter set @50A range
Sound Level Meter
Three Level Audio Power Indicator:  Battery-operated Three LED display that connect it to loudspeaker output
Understanding Peak Reading Meters:  includes1-example circuit diagram
VU & PPM Audio Metering:  circuits using analog needle meters
VU Meter:  5 led VU meter, in PDF format, includes circuit board, text in Finnish
VU Meter Amplifier
VU Stereo Meter:  will indicate the volume level of the audio going to your speakers by lighting up LEDs, based on LM3915 IC

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