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Radio Stuff - CW Abbreviations

AA all after GM good morning QKY quickly
AB about GN gone QSN question
ABB abbreviate GNI good night QT quite
ABBD abbreviated GP group QTN quotation
ABBG abbreviating GS guess QTY quantity
ABBN abbreviation GT great R are
ABD aboard GV give R roger
ABS absent GVT government RCD received
ABV above H has RCR receiver
ACG according HAP happy RCV receive
ADR address HB have been RD read
ADS address HP hope RDY ready
AF after HPN happen RFU refuse
AFN afternoon HR here RG regular
AGN again HV have RHT right
AK acknowledge HVR however RJ reject
ALW always HVU have you RKO record
AMT amount IFN information RMB remember
AO at once IM immediately RPY reply
APC appreciate IMT immediate RR railroad
AR answer IMY immensely RT are the
AVB available IN indication RU are you
AX ask IP improve RY railway
AY any ITD intend SAT saturday
AYB anybody IW it was SD should
AYG anything J by which SDY sunday
B be JF justify SH such
BC because JGM judgement SIG signature
BCNU be seeing you JN join SJ subject
BD board JR junior SKJ schedule
BF before JT just SM some
BFL beautiful K out of the SMG something
BFT breakfast KD kind SND send
BH both KGNS congratulations SPO suppose
BK break KMN communication SPZ surprise
BKN broken KP keep STD standard
BLDG building KPPG cooperating STN station
BN been KU continue STO store
BS best KW know SUG N suggestion
BTN between LAF laugh SUY saturday
BTR better LG long SVC service
BUN bulletin LIC license SVL several
BV believe LK like SYS system
BZ business LOV love T the
C see LTR letter TBL trouble
C yes LUK look TDY today
CA came LV leave TFK traffic
CD could LVG leaving TG thing
CDRY considerably M more TGR together
CDX condition MAB maybe THD thursday
CF chief MB maybe TI time
CFM confirm MD made TM them
CFUD confused MDA monday TMP temperature
CHC chance MFG manufacturing TN then
CHG charge MH much TND thousand
CHN children MK make TNI tonight
CK check MMY memory TNK think
CLD called MNG morning TR there
CLDY cloudy MO month TS this
CLR clear MS most TSE these
CM come MSJ message TT that
CNCD concerned MSK mistake TU thank you
CNDS conditions MST must TUY tuesday
CPI copy MSY mostly TW tomorrow
CPT complete MTG meeting TWM tomorrow mornin
CQY correctly MTR matter TWV tmw even
CTD connected MVG moving TX this is
CY copy MVM movement TY they
D in the N not U you
DA day NA name UCN uncertain
DAU daughter NBR neighbor UF unfortunate
DD did ND need UFB Y unfavorably
DDNT did not NI night UK understand
DE from NIL nothing UKN unknown
DEG degree NR near ULY usually
DFC difference NTG nothing UN until
DFT different NUM number UPN upon
DG doing NUMD numbered UR your
DLD delivered NUP newspaper V of which
DNR dinner NV never VB valuable
DOLS dollars NW now VCY vicinity
DT dont NX next VET veteran
EA each O of VKN vacation
EH either OFC officer VOL volume
EJO enjoy OFN often VSB visible
ENH enough OFS office VSR visitor
EQM equipment OFY officially VST visit
ES and OG organize VU view
ESPY especially OJ object VY very
EU Europe OP opportunity VYG voyage
EV ever OPR operator W with
EXA extra OTH other WB will be
EXK expect OV over WD would
EXQ excuse OWG owing WDA wednesday
EYB everybody OWZ otherwise WDF wounderful
EYG everything P per WEA weather
F of the PAP paper WF wife
FER for PB probable WG wrong
FM from PBM problem WGT weight
FO for PBY probably WH which
FQ frequent PC percent WI will
FRI friday PD paid WK week
FRV forever PFD preferred WL well
FRW forward PFT perfect WLD world
FS first PKJ package WN when
FU few PLS please WO who
FW follow PLSR pleasure WRD word
G from the POX police WT what
GA good afternoon PSK prospect WTV whatever
GA gave PW power X in which
GD good Q on the XJ explain
GG going QA qualify Y year
GL good luck QAY quality YA yesterday
GLS girls QK quick Z from which

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