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Radio Stuff - Q Codes

Code Meaning
QLF (slang)Sorry, my sending is poor and it sounds like I am sendingwith my left foot.
QRA What isthe name of your station? The name of my station is ___.
QRB How farare you from my station? I am ____ km from your station
QRD Where areyou bound and where are you coming from? I am bound ___from ___.
QRG Will youtell me my exact frequency? Your exact frequency is ___kHz.
QRH Does myfrequency vary? Your frequency varies.
QRI How is thetone of my transmission? The tone of your transmission is___ (1-Good, 2-Variable, 3-Bad.)
QRJ Are youreceiving me badly? I cannot receive you, your signal istoo weak.
QRK What isthe intelligibility of my signals? The intelligibility ofyour signals is ___ (1-Bad, 2-Poor, 3-Fair, 4-Good,5-Excellent.)
QRL Are youbusy? I am busy
QRM Is mytransmission being interfered with? Your transmission isbeing interfered with ___ (1-Nil, 2-Slightly, 3-Moderately,4-Severely, 5-Extremely.)
QRN Are youtroubled by static? I am troubled by static ___ (1-5 asunder QRM.)
QRO Shall Iincrease power? Increase power.
QRP Shall Idecrease power? Decrease power.
QRQ Shall Isend faster? Send faster (___ WPM.)
QRR Are youready for automatic operation? I am ready for automaticoperation. Send at ___ WPM.
QRS Shall Isend more slowly? Send more slowly (___ WPM.)
QRT Shall Istop sending? Stop sending.
QRU Have youanything for me? I have nothing for you.
QRV Are youready? I am ready.
QRW Shall Iinform ___ that you are calling? Please inform ___ that Iam calling.
QRX When willyou call me again? I will call you again at ___ hours.
QRY What is myturn? Your turn is numbered ___.
QRZ Who iscalling me? You are being called by ___.
QSA What isthe strength of my signals? The strength of your signals is___ (1-Scarcely perceptible, 2-Weak, 3-Fairly Good, 4-Good,5-Very Good.)
QSB Are mysignals fading? Your signals are fading.
QSD Is mykeying defective? Your keying is defective.
QSG Shall Isend ___ messages at a time? Send ___ messages at a time.
QSJ What isthe charge to be collected per word to ___ including yourinternational telegraph charge? The charge to be collectedper word is ___ including my international telegraphcharge.
QSK Can youhear me between you signals and if so can I break in on yourtransmission? I can hear you between my signals, break inon my transmission.
QSL Can youacknowledge receipt? I am acknowledging receipt.
QSM Shall Irepeat the last message which I sent you? Repeat the lastmessage.
QSN Did youhear me on ___ kHz? I did hear you on ___ kHz.
QSO Can youcommunicate with ___ direct or by relay? I can communicatewith ___ direct (or by relay through ___.)
QSP Will yourelay to ___? I will relay to ___.
QSQ Have you adoctor on board? (or is ___ on board?) I have a doctor onboard (or ___ is on board.)
QSU Shall Isend or reply on this frequency? Send a series of Vs onthis frequency.
QSV Shall Isend a series of Vs on this frequency? Send a series of Vson this frequency.
QSW Will yousend on this frequency? I am going to send on thisfrequency.
QSY Shall Ichange to another frequency? Change to another frequency.
QSZ Shall Isend each word or group more than once? Send each word orgroup twice (or ___ times.)
QTA Shall Icancel message number ___? Cancel message number ___.
QTB Do youagree with my counting of words? I do not agree with yourcounting of words. I will repeat the first letter or digitof each word or group.
QTC How manymessages have you to send? I have ___ messages for you.
QTE What is mytrue bearing from you? Your true bearing from me is ___degrees.
QTG Will yousend two dashes of 10 seconds each followed by your callsign? I am going to send two dashes of 10 seconds eachfollowed by my call sign.
QTH What isyour location? My location is ___.
QTI What isyour true track? My true track is ___ degrees.
QTJ What isyour speed? My speed is ___ km/h.
QTL What isyour true heading? My true heading is ___ degrees.
QTN At whattime did you depart from ___? I departed from ___ at ___hours.
QTO Have youleft dock (or port)? I have left dock (or port).
QTP Are yougoing to enter dock (or port)? I am going to enter dock (orport.)
QTQ Can youcommunicate with my station by means of the InternationalCode of Signals? I am going to communicate with yourstation by means of the International Code of Signals.
QTR What isthe correct time? The time is ___.
QTS Will yousend your call sign for ___ minutes so that your frequencycan be measured? I will send my call sign for ___ minutesso that my frequency may be measured.
QTU What arethe hours during which your station is open? My station isopen from ___ hours to ___ hours.
QTV Shall Istand guard for you on the frequency of ___ kHz? Standguard for me on the frequency of ___ kHz.
QTX Will youkeep your station open for further communication with me? Iwill keep my station open for further communication withyou.
QUA Have younews of ___? I have news of ___.
QUB Can yougive me information concerning visibility, height of clouds,direction and velocity of ground wind at ___? Here is theinformation you requested...
QUC What isthe number of the last message you received from me? Thenumber of the last message I received from you is ___.
QUD Have youreceived the urgency signal sent by ___? I have receivedthe urgency signal sent by ___.
QUF Have youreceived the distress signal sent by ___? I have receivedthe distress signal sent by ___.
QUG Will yoube forced to land? I am forced to land immediately.
QUH Will yougive me the present barometric pressure? The presentbarometric pressure is ____ (units).

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