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CCD Object Resolution Calculator

CCD Object Resolution Calculator

This calculator requires the use of Javascript enabled and capable browsers. This calculator finds the minimum detectable object size per pixel, based on data entered for the CCD resolution, the field of view of the lens, and the distance from the lens to the object. Select standard resolutions from the drop down box, or select CUSTOM from the same box. If CUSTOM is selected, enter the custom resolution on the following line; the default custom resolution is 0 x 0. Enter the numeric values for the lens field of view in degrees or accept the default of 45 degrees, and the distance from the lens to the object targeted; also select the designation for the distance from the lens, from the drop box. The defaults yield 10 meters. All calculations take place at each entry. You may however, click Calculate to update if needed. You may click Clear Values to begin again. The result is displayed as a very accurate rendering of size of the target object, in millimeters.

Required Data Entry
Conventional CCD Resolution Pixels
Custom CCD Resolution x Pixels
Lens Field Of View Degrees
Distance From Lens To Target Object
Calculated Results
Minimum Detectable Target Object Size x MM
Version 2.6.3

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