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Impedance And Resonant Capacitor Calculator For Coils

Impedance And Resonant
Capacitor Calculator For Coils

This calculator requires the use of Javascript enabled and capable browsers. The purpose of the calculator is to determine the impedance and the capacitor value needed for the circuit's coil. The only default value is 60 cycles per second. You may change that to 50 cycles if applicable and enter any legal values for voltage and current. If there are two transformers, add the current (ma) values but not the voltage. Click on Calculate to get the results. A sample of 20000 volts, 80 milliamps and 60 cycles yield impedance of 250000 ohms and 0.010610329538074267 Mfd., rounded to 0.011 Mfd.

Coil Theory
Required Data Entry
Alternating Current Cycles
Transformer Voltage Volts
Transformer Current Milliamps
Calculated Results
Impedance Ohms
Resonant Capacitor Mfd
Resonant Capacitor Rounded Mfd
Version 2.2.2

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