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Speaker Combination Decibel Calculator

Speaker Combination Decibel Calculator

This calculator requires the use of Javascript enabled and capable browsers. This calculator is designed to give the total amount of decibels you can expect with a secondary sound source added to a primary sound source. Enter the data and click on calculate. Because decibels are logarithmic units and can't be added like other numbers, total combined output is not easily determined. As an example of anticipated data, if you were combining a 50 decibel level to another 50 decibel level, the result would be about 53 decibels rather than a total of the two. The greater the deviance between the two levels, the smaller the amplification addition. In certain cases, a really wide deviance can actually cause attenuation rather than amplification. Also, temperature and surrounding conditions, natural and man-made, all have an effect on the total sound output.

Sound Theory
Decibel Change Required Data Entry
Decibel Level Initial Sound Source
Decibel Level Second Sound Source
Calculated Results
Calculated Combined Decibel Level
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