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Video Camera Disk Storage Space Calculator

Video Camera Disk Storage Space Calculator

This calculator requires the use of Javascript enabled and capable browsers. This script creates calculator to estimate approximate disk space needed for your remote monitoring, safety or surveillance system. The frame rate for video recording is selectable from 10 frame/sec for 12KB/sec to 30 frame/sec for 250KB/sec. To determine the space requirement, enter number of cameras and select a data rate for compression. Enter the amount of free disk space available for the video recording. The disk space here is for video files only and does not include the necessary space for the storage computer's operating system or other files. Click the Calculate button. In our calculation, 1 GB is assumed as 1024 MB. The time of recordings that can be made in the free disk space are shown in days, hours and minutes individually. Each is a value that is the equivalent of the other. Each is "the result", not a total of all of them.

Required Data Entry
Number Of Video Cameras
Compression Data Rate
Disk Space Available GB
Calculated Results
Recording Time Available Days
Recording Time Available Hours
Recording Time Available Minutes
Version 1.9.2

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